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Letter from State Theater Arts Council:


With everything going on in our world and especially our community, let’s help preserve one of the older buildings downtown. I’m proud to be president of the State Theater Arts Council and we have a great board of directors. All who volunteer their time and effort to provide an outlet for the arts. Thank you for reading.

The year 2020 will go down as a historical year for our nation, our state, our city, and our theater. In March, we were dealing with different closings due to the COVID-19 virus. The State Theater had to cancel its last program set for April. Then, as the March winds blew, our theater suffered a major loss and, therefore, a major setback. The top part of the façade blew over onto the roof of the theater. We were thankful that it fell backward instead of forward where it could have damaged personal property and also our marquee. But the roof could not withstand the bricks and cement crashing down. The holes created led to some structural damage and interior water damage to the walls, ceilings, and floors in our lobby and restroom area. It also caused some damage to ceiling tiles in the auditorium.

It is still the Board of Directors determination, commitment to the arts, and an obligation to our community to keep this cultural icon open for the public. But it is going to take much work and repairs. This, along with the uncertain future of the virus, has made the board to make the hard decision to forego the 2020-2021 performance season.

As the State Theater is a non-profit organization that has a board of directors formed from volunteers, we are unable to receive emergency funding for the cancellation of programs. Insurance has given us their deciding amount for damages, but does not cover all the expense of repairs. We are unable to open our doors, but it does not stop the monthly expenses the theater incurs.

At this time, we are humbly submitting to our patrons and community a plea for assistance. We realize that in these uncertain times everyone is at a hardship of some form. What we, the State Theater Arts Council Board of Directors, are asking is that you continue to support the theater in the way of what would be considered in the past as a season ticket holder purchase or donation. Without your support, we could not bring performances to the stage as we have had in the past. Without your support, we will struggle to be able to reopen the theater.

The price of a season ticket is $100 per person or any monetary donation is appreciated. As we are not able to recognize our supporters in a program, our intent would be to recognize them in our local newspaper. As a board, our goal is to keep the State Theater thriving for this community. Without community support, it is more difficult to bring performances that we have had in the past. We are thankful for the support from this community and we are confident the community will continue to embrace our theater to help ensure that the rich history of our theater continues on for future generations.

You can send your season ticket payment and/or donation to the State Theater Arts Council, PO Box 11, Mound City, MO 64470; or drop it by the Nodaway Valley Bank in Mound City. Please make checks payable to State Theater Arts Council. The State Theater is a 501c (3) and your gift is 100% tax deductible.

If you have supported the State Theater in the past, thank you. If not, we hope you will consider a gift this year. Your support ensures not only that we can bring performances to our theater, but we also keep our theater available for the community, providing a venue for local concerts, community and school plays, library events, 4th of July festivities, church events and even weddings.

Our hope is that we can bring the State Theater back to her glory and perhaps be able to have a community play or show as soon as we are able to reopen our doors.

Thank you so much for supporting the State Theater! Your support is greatly appreciated!

With regards,

Susan Miller

State Theater Arts Council President



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